Roll Addiction


Nam Hoang pictured with Darren Drake putting "ONE" Gi to the test.

Photo Credit: Ben Micallef Photography

We get hit up for sponsorship a few times per week. But because we are such a grassroots company, we can only sponsor so many people. We often get asked what we are looking for in an athlete, and it's really quite simple. We want GOOD PEOPLE representing our brand. Tournament accolades take a backseat to the human being behind the Gi. We want passionate people who love the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Who eat, sleep and breath the sport. People who, no matter the obstacle, find a way to pursue their passion. And we are honored to support the passionate. 


Nam Hoang is one of these people. A father and a fierce competitor. He balances his personal life and his love for the gentle art like few can. Here's a quick Q&A.


So when did you start training?


"I started training in 2004 after watching the early Royce Gracie fights. I was amazed how he was able to submit much larger opponents using BJJ. I decided this is what I would like to try."


Where do you train at?


"I started training at in Halifax in 2004. Mostly No Gi, due to no local BJJ academies in the area. In 2005 I started training at Team Fulinkazan under coach Mark Spencer. I also had a few MMA fights, but my love was  for BJJ, so I decided to focus all my efforts primarily on BJJ."


What is so special about BJJ?


"BJJ is my life. It not only has taught me how to defend myself, but it has also taught me to be a better person. My goal is to spread the Jiu-Jitsu love everywhere I go. I also really enjoy traveling, toss in family and a bit of BJJ, it makes for the best holidays."


Who inspires you?


"My family. I'm still with my high school sweetheart, Marie.  She is my rock. The one who kicks me in the butt and gives me motivation when I get lazy. She completely supports my journey and I can't thank her enough, love you so much! And of course my teammates at Fulinkazan and Combat Base BJJ. They push me everyday to get me ready for comps."


What rank do you currently hold and how do you give back to BJJ?


"In August of 2015 I was awarded my brown belt by coach Mark. I give back by teaching BJJ in Bradford, Halifax and Leeds. Between working, training, teaching and family life 6-7 days a week,  there is little time for anything else, but I wouldn't change it for the world." 


Any other hobbies besides BJJ? 


"No other hobbies. I try spending as much time with the family as I can. Maybe get some food and catch a movie (which is rare). 


Something people don't know about Nam Hoang?


"Hmmmmmm.... I think I'm addicted to Gi's. I have 31 Gi's in my collection, but my Roll Addiction "One" gi is by far my favourite." 


We'd like to thank Mark and Nam from Team Fulinkazan for all the support. Much Love. And Ben Micallef Photography for allowing us to use these amazing pictures. Oss!!!

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